Professional turf fertilizer

Instant energy

Ready-to-act fertilizer

Ready-to-act fertilizer

Long-term effect

Long-term effect

“No-Weeds” philosophy

“No-Weeds” philosophy

With DUO, we developed a fertilizer, which is ready-to-act even at low temperature: after the distribution, the nitrate fraction of the nitrogen’s total amount will be immediately available in the soil solution, making the absorption possible also in extreme climatic conditions.

Starting from late winter - early spring, our turf will take successfully advantage of DUO’s specific formulation: this means an excellent greening, a rapid thickening of the grass and the best natural way to compete against the germination of weeds, as these will be unable to find useful light and space in a dense turf.

In addition, the absence of phosphorus (not essential in this part of the season) makes DUO the authentic “no weeds fertilizer” (the phosphorus could potentially support their root growth).

The great percentage in n-methyl urea assures the prolonged effect, while the notable nitrogen/potassium ratio (the K comes entirely from potassium nitrate) guarantees a nutrition of excellent quality.

If used in the last part of the year (late autumn), DUO could also help the turf in overpassing its winter physiological decline in the best way, thanks to the creation of reserves and the strengthening of plant cells against climatic stress.


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